Spoofcard Review

If you are to call a number you are not sure, you can hide your number by having a private call to that number. Then, how about the other case when you are not ready to receive a call from anonymous numbers you do not know? You can opt for using caller spoofing to hide your identity. Then, if you want to use spoofing services on your phone to protect your privacy, actually you do not need to install anything in your phone due the ability of each phone to make an anonymous call. However, if you register for the spoofing service for your number, you have to buy spoofing credits by using a spoofcard.

What is Spoofcard?

Spoofcard contains a PIN number which allows you to do private calls. The other facilities a spoof card offers is that you can customize your number which can be seen by the ones you call so that you can do a prank call. In addition, you can also replace your actual numbers with a name display that appears on the person you call.

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Advantages Offered by Spoofcard

What advantage can you get by having Spoofcard? As you hide your actual number by replacing it with the name, the ones you call cannot reach you in return. In addition, by using a spoofcard, you can also record calls for pleasant or pleasant or enjoyable references and for keeping the moment of making a prank on your friends a live. You can also alter the tone and pitch of your actual voice from women’s to men’s voice or on the other way around. Not only anonymous calls, spoofcard also has the facility of SMS spoofing.

SpoofCard app offers you with rich features which are compatible to be installed with Google Android, Apple iPhone, and Blackberry. The app store has had this application to be downloaded and you can also have another option of direct using. If you have difficulties in using your spoofcard, you can contact the customer service that is ready to help you in 24/7. It is very great and easy feature as anytime you need assistance, you merely need to press 0 and directly the assistance from the spoofcard office is in your hands. Not only giving the phone support, the spoofcard also supports its customer with email support.

How to Get Spoofcard?

Interested in using the spoofcard coupon code? Go to spoofcard.com and click the “purchase minutes” link. Then, you can select the package offered, $10, $20, $40, or $80. After selecting the package, you are asked to enter your credit card information, email address, and you are done. Your PIN and toll free access number will be sent to your email address. Easy, isn’t it?