Samsung Galaxy S4 – Will It Be Failure

Samsung S4 has created a great hype for itself in recent days much prior to its release and people are having their fingers crossed to explore this handset. But the truth is this phone is going to be a absolute failure in the era of Samsung handsets. Some reviews about the handset read that the handset has no new innovative features and few other available features are not very convincing to the folks too. Let’s take a look at those features, which are aimed at increasing the probability of the S4 handset to become a failure. Samsung S4 is not going to create any revolution and it should be named Samsung S3 instead, since there are no enhancements in his new handset.


Some rumors about the design revealed the fact that S4 comes with a much repetitive design and there is nothing fascinating about the huge 5 inch screen rather than making the device more hefty. The Galaxy S2 came with a 4.7 inch screen, which made the users ill-stick and now the 5 inch screen is definitely a bane to the folks who expected for a better compatible design. Generally, Samsung handsets compete well with iPhone’s. But there has been a recent news spreading all over claiming that with this simple and repeated design, Samsung S4 can never be compared or related to iPhone5 smart phone.


We are very much aware about the Exynos Octo Core Processor available for the very first time in the Galaxy handset. There is nothing beneficial to the users about this except that it is capable of draining the battery of the handset spontaneously. Octo processor is just like a namesake feature added to the handset and dosen’t makes any difference to the phone.

Air Gestures & Other Features

Air gestures and other applications in the handset are presumed to be uninteresting and some folks have predicted that these features would be useful only for a week and would be outdated after then. These features would not make the Galaxy S4 a significant handset and are not advantageous to the users on a long term basis. Some other news pot rayed the truth that these applications have been implemented in this phone in the advertisement motive only and it’s not advisable for the folks to believe in such ads blindly.


While coming to the camera, the handset offers a 13 MP camera to take pictures of good Kb size. On the contrary, people don’t really need such a high MP camera, which would consume all the file size of the phone. A small file size camera, capable of shooting decent images is more than enough for a smart phone. People can chose the canon power shoot or other cameras to get candid shots. HTC OneLine cameras are very good with outstanding quality that would ditch the Galaxy S4 handsets.

Lack of New Features

Some folks have reviewed the specs of this handset and have complained that this phone has got no new innovative features to please the folks, unlike the HTC which has announced so many upgraded features.


Although, Samsung S4 has provides so many features and specs, recent reviews stated that these features are mirrored as in Galaxy S3. This is completely embarrassing to the long awaited folks and this handset is not anymore going to be a bliss to the folks. This smart phone is likely to fail and this would be the first ever handset from the prestigious Samsung manufacturers to not having performed up to the mark. Let’s wait to see the release of the handset and how it fights rejection and forgoes the battle and wins the race.