Best VPN Service in Iran

Iran is a country with high government censorship for the Internet access. Under the power of President Hassan Rouhani, there are a number of improvements toward the access of Internet freedom. The ICT ministry also allocates budget for establishing internet infrastructure and censorship tools.  Regarding this case, you can make use of the VPN facilities to give Iranian citizen the access toward information or news they need. There are some recommended VPN services Iranian can use.

VPN Services in Iran

First, ExpressVPN can be considered as the best inclusive services Iranian use to access the blocked content. Assistance is available through live chat and ticket in 24/7 year-round. The users also can obtain the same high-standard encryption, and obfSproxy stealth to bypass Deep Packet Inspection which is likely to pass in governmental legislation which probably will be a hurdle in the process of VPN registration. The user also can connect it to the three simultaneous connections for the devices. ExpressVPN also offers strong server network in over 80 countries, including the Middle East and South East Asia. This means that Iranian can have broader your IP mask choices which allow them to unblock web censorship inside the country. In addition, ExpressVPN keeps none of the activities logs so that you can browse comfortably without worrying about governmental strict policy. To be importantly noted, Iranian can have the 30-day guarantee.

ipvanish priceSecond, Iranian can take the advantage of IPVanish services. This provider provides the best speeds. It offers the Iranian users of Windows the features which provide them with an auto IP scrambler that switches their IP address in every 45 minutes. For those who plan to use a VPN extensively over long durations, this options-combo seems that much more appealing. In addition, the provider gives a 7-day trial to test the services before the subscription.

Next, the Iranian can overcome the blocking problem of the internet by using the service offered by SaferVPN. Iranian need only to pay $4.99 for the basic plan. However, this service still has poor service for vanishing the log and no a killswitch on the client. Does the company provide the trial version? Free trials for 24-hour and two-week money back guarantee are given to its users. In addition, it is interesting to have a try on its over 150 server choices in 24 countries throughout Latin America, Australia, and East Asia.

What to Consider in Using Internet Iran

As Iran government has full control over the Iranian internet, the users must be careful in surfing the Internet in that sovereign area. The users need to also keep in mind that no VPN service can completely foolproof against a state or governmental IT policy.