Amazon Kindle Smartphone Ready With 4.7 Inch Screen

Amazon is working on Amazon Kindle smartphone,: company is ready to launch Q2 but supply issue may delay this product. Amazon Kindle Smartphone will be launch in next few months with large screen of 4.7 inches as per rumoured.

However, Digitimes did suggest that to ensure the smartphone launches inside the second quarter, as the organization is presently striving to complete. Based on the paper, the primary problem is problems at its manufacturing partner Foxconn.

Based on Digitimes, a business logistics source stated that Amazon’s first smartphone uses a 4.7-inch screen, after intends to launch having a more compact 4.3-inch display were abandoned. Based on the source, this happened after the Amazon saw a rise in consumer interest in bigger screens so they have decide to launch amazon kindle smartphone with 4.7 inch large screen.