6.3-Inch Galaxy Note 3 Hinted By Official Galaxy S4 Website

Every considered the Galaxy Note II’s 5.5-inch screen is simply a little too cramped, or possibly small for your matter? You might be fortunate, particularly if you have hands how big bigfoot!

As you know today Samsung announced its Galaxy S4, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors about another of the company’s well received Smartphone lines.

The Galaxy Note assortment of mobile phones, or phablets as some prefer to give them a call, blur the lines between smartphone and tablet by featuring large, vibrant screens and coming outfitted having a stylus. The presently shipping model, the Note II, utilizes a mammoth 5.5-inch display, but when the bald eagle-eyed among us are right, this may soon be dwarfed by a level bigger model.

When announcing the 4th generation Galaxy S phone, Samsung also released a mico-site to accompany it. Among the products proven off with that micro-website is a Bluetooth game controller that, based on the blurb, supports mobile phone models as huge as 6.3-inches. Yes, that’s exactly the same size a presentation that has been making models earlier, and reported to find the Note 3.

Now of course, this might be Samsung future-proofing its add-ons, however the current rumor on the market would be that the next Galaxy Note may boosting the stakes by going as huge as 6.3-inches. That’s lots of phone for just one device alone.

Actually, we’re prepared to reason that it’s too large, far too large actually, particularly if you’ve not got the biggest of hands or, just like importantly, pockets. The Galaxy Notehas shown to be incredibly well-liked in America, United kingdom and Asia, but we fear something so large may alienate that fanbase a tad too much.

Previous gossips being released of Korea have previously recommended that the 6.3-inch Note is coming, and also the latest news just would go to add credence to that particular. It might certainly assistance to differentiate the Galaxy S and Note selection further, but at what cost?

For the Bluetooth gaming controller that began all of this off: it really looks very good, though we’d need to get our on the job one prior to getting too excited. Here’s wishing for many awesome Galaxy S4 add-ons, too.